The breweries...

Bright Brewery


Bright Brewery, founded in 2004 they are named after the Victorian Alpine town where they are based. From their inception Bright have strived to make their beer production as close to carbon neutral as possible and minimise their overall environmental footprint on their natural environment. It's an attitude that directs even the smallest actions of their organisation like using shredded office paper for padding fragile packages. They also proudly advertise their local 'Green Freight' – when one of their customers in Bright places a small order for beers, they load up a trolley and walk the beer to them! Participating in an organics transfer box system with their local Bright Community Garden they send over 150L of organic food waste every week, which equates to roughly 5 tonnes of food waste not going into landfill. They have grown a loyal following in Bright and well beyond and we are proud to have these legends as part of Social Tinnies.



Hawkers are a big force in the Australian craft beer scene. In 2014 Hawkers launched with an unconditional commitment to spread flavourful beer across the country with the goal of converting 100% of the market to drinking better beers. In creating these award winning beers Hawkers are driven to minimise their environmental impact through practices like installing the largest solar array on a brewery in metropolitan Melbourne and a fastidious approach to recycling and reuse of water. 98% of their rubbish is recycled and they hope to make that 100%. In more recent times Hawkers raised money for the relief effort in Lebanon via proceeds from the sale of their barleywine 'Hopefully Beirut'. It might not be 100% of people are drinking better beers just yet but there's no doubt Hawkers have been instrumental in changing the beer landscape here for the better and we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies.



Founded in 2015, Brewmanity was created to do more than merely make and sell beer. Co- Founder and Former Melbourne Football Club captain David Neitz says the catalyst to turn their dream of starting a beer label into reality came when they were inspired by their friend, Neil Daniher, suffering from, and raising funds for, ‘The Beast’ of a disease – Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Their premise is that good deeds and good times will flow from producing good beer. It's an approach we couldn't agree more with!
With a percentage of all Brewmanity beer sales and 100 percent of profits from their events going towards the fight against MND they have raised more than $150,000 raised for MND research. On top of that their 141 pale Ale has also provided 58,521 days of fresh drinking water to support communities who do not have access to it. Their great beer and dedication to giving back means we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies.

Brick Lane


Brick Lane and have been campaigners inclusivity and diversity in brewing since their inception in 2017. They firmly believe in an obligation to do good in their community by actively engaging with a broad range of partners across a variety of areas – from brewing great beers, to helping community organisations and charities. Sustainability is a primary focus for them, with their large brewery in Dandenong the first independent Australian brewery to adopt cross-flow filtration technology from Pall that reduces energy and water usage, improves beer quality and eliminates the need to use non-renewable filtration aids. The entire brewery itself was engineered to reduce primary energy consumption, reclaim energy from kettle vapour and minimise waste streams. Their commitment to making great quality beers with the lowest possible impact on the environment means we are honoured to have them part of Social Tinnies.

Urban Alley


Urban Alley has its origins with two homebrewers in 2015, and has developed itself into a unique brewery creating sustainable craft beer on the doorstep of Melbourne’s CBD. Their range of craft beers channel classic beer styles of brewhouses from around the world and earnt them fourteen internationally recognised awards in their first year alone. The brewery has a strong sustainable ethos which has been championed by several Australian firsts in environmental efficiencies. These include compostable six-pack holders, an onsite bio waste plant and a unique water exchange program with the adjacent distillery. These innovations combined with their flavour packed brews means we couldn't be prouder to have them part of Social Tinnies.

Hop Nation


Hop Nation is the product of two winemakers, Sam and Duncan, who turned their attention to brewing hop-foward beers. We are certainly glad they did because their small batch beers are made using quality, natural ingredients with no fining or pasteurisation and minimal filtration. Since their beginnings in 2016 they have sought out new and diverse ways to reduce their impact on the environment. This means sourcing from companies that are transparent about their practices – and in particular those that are doing their best to mitigate pests naturally and manage their irrigation programs in sustainable and innovative ways. Their commitment to sustainability even comes down to their labelling and packaging 🍃

Their minimalist designs uses less ink and at their Footscray brewery at the odd time a printed page is required post-consumer, recycled packaging is used. Their beers have become some of Australia's favourites are we are proud to have them involved with Social Tinnies.

Arc Seltzer


Curated & considered on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Arc Hard Seltzer was founded in 2020 by Jeremy & Tom; two friends seeking that elusive balance between having a good time but still feeling good. Arc proudly uses all-natural and native Australian ingredients to create drinks that leaves you feeling fresh, fun, & in the mood for being social. They are independently owned, manufactured in partnership with a small, community lead team and employ fully compostable BioCane Beer rings to minimise plastic use and promote sustainability within the craft alcohol market. Arc is highly engaged with the local community on the Great Ocean Road, including partnerships with the 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail food artisans, helping make them 'local' ready ahead of the shifting tourism landscape in 2020. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for them and are proud to have Arc part of our Social Tinnies gift box.

Stone & Wood


Inspired by the idea of the ‘village brewery’ – that is, a brewery that brews quality beer while giving back to the wider community – Brad, Ross and Jamie founded Stone & Wood in 2008 in a modest shed in Byron Bay’s industrial estate and began following their vision of creating a conscious local business. Giving back to the Community, working with purpose and the love of beer has been the driving forces from day one that continue through to today. Stone and Wood have been pioneers in many aspects of the craft beer scene in Australia no more so than in their status as a registered B Corporation. This accreditation is only given to companies who meet rigorous standards set around governance, workers, community, environment, and business impact models. Furthermore, their inGrained Foundation- a not for profit organisation founded in 2018, supports grassroots environmental and community programs and has just provided another $100,000 in combined grants to organisations in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The craft beer community in Australia owes a lot to their trailblazing actions and we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies

Stomping Ground


Since opening up their Collingwood brewery in 2016, Stomping Ground have been a pillar of sustainability and community in the Australian craft beer industry. Their practices range from the large, like the 357 solar panels installed on the brewery and beer hall roof, generating 60% of their electricity needs, to the small, like the use of compostable straws and recycled toilet paper. On the social side, this year they have again teamed up with long term partner Movember to help change the face of men’s health. In the last three years they have donated $225,000 and are adding another $10,000 to that total this year. It is these actions coupled with their award winning beers means that we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies.

Local Brewing Co.


In 2018 five mates got together over a few beers and asked the question, why wasn't there a great tasting, independent beer that gave back to the community? To address that very issues the friends decided to team up and established A Local Beer (now Local Brewing Co.) They formed partnerships with those who shared their values and vision and from their first batch have had every pack and pint sold they provide a meal to someone in need through the incredible work of their charity partner @secondbite. To date they have provided over 18,000 meals.​ Local Brewing Co. have also teamed up for their 'Fruit of our Labour' collab series with Burnley Brewing. The range uses surplus fresh bread and fruit in each brew, diverting it from landfill and highlighting food insecurity and waste. Their commitment to using beer to make a positive change in society is why we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies.



Kari and Rose are passionate about making a difference and so co-founded The Sparkke change Beverage company in 2016. To some, alcohol might be an unusual vehicle to enact positive change, but whilst recognising the darker side of alcohol Kari and Rose believe that it can also be a solution. In their own words "It’s not gonna solve your problems, but neither will milk. Sharing a drink is one of social glues of our society, a great conversation starter." All of their drinks highlight a social or environmental cause including Indigenous recognition, gender inequality, biodiversity and pollution and waste. On top of raising awareness 10% of the profits go directly to organisations addressing those social and environmental issues. In the past 16 months alone Sparkke has donated $116,000 in-value, in-kind and in financial support. Their vision, commitment and dedication to make beer a force for good means we are proud to have them part of Social Tinnies.